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If you voluntarily send us an e-mail, you consent that our mail provider processes your personal data. Please read our privacy policy (the “Tutao GmbH” section).

We do not use any other e-mail addresses.

Encrypted e-mail

If you know how to use GnuPG (or compatible implementations of OpenPGP), use our public OpenPGP key to encrypt the content of your e-mail. You don’t need to sign your e-mails, so you don’t have to create an OpenPGP key to communicate with us. If you want to get encrypted replies, please provide your public OpenPGP key or fingerprint. Have a look at our short guide to create a modern Curve25519 key.

The current fingerprint of our public OpenPGP key is:

valid fromvalid toFingerprint/Key ID
2020-09-032020-12-03980B A1DE 6ADA D6C6 4A6F EE7C 25A5 9B1C A3CA 30F7

You can also use curl (or similar tools) to download our key:

  • curl | gpg --import (direct download)
  • curl | gpg --import ( mirror)

Alternative ways to contact us

If you don’t want to send us an e-mail, you can use the below-mentioned options to contact us. Kindly note that using these service providers is out-of-scope of our privacy policy. We may add or remove options over time.

If you send us messages via platforms that aren’t listed on this page, there is no guarantee that we actually read your message.

Expired or revoked OpenPGP keys

To reduce risks of long-lived OpenPGP keys circulating on the internet, we regularly renew our key. The table below lists expired and revoked keys.

valid fromvalid toFingerprint/Key ID
2020-06-132020-09-1398EA 019B C2BB F8A8 AB88 53D2 4AAF CD54 71C5 A8E6
2020-03-202020-06-22B372 4DF5 F610 D8B6 3974 922A 0329 34A0 5D11 D587
2019-12-302020-03-304808 D6CD 65D6 A23E DE3D 7143 8F26 DC6C D8AB B20C
2019-08-292019-12-31F8CE AD90 8841 1EBE 722C 347A 3179 E817 703F 5D25
2019-08-222019-10-31F6FB F3E9 9DC0 FD3E FE45 BEDC 6B68 98C3 32D1 70F7
2019-05-262019-08-24FE38 23F5 7A02 600E F080 9E58 BCF4 BFD9 4ABF F017
2019-03-032019-06-011C3D DFF7 2961 7BFC 7544 3E3B E545 30DB 4072 2A8A
2018-12-112019-03-114726 F48E 5607 B8A6 06CA F4F9 09D3 4CFA C102 617D
2018-09-252018-12-24ED21 9FFD 58F0 B467 223A 6312 D9FE 497B B424 11ED
2018-06-122018-09-10708C A4E3 8A9B E257 748D 01C9 172B AD3E 40AA EA08